You know I’m sorry too…

Yea, it’s come to this, this moment, this realization that I just need to take the medicine. So I will.

I’m sorry too. I’m sorry that all the things I believed in, I watched disintegrate in slow pieces, chopped from the same pain. That false hope believing in salvation no matter where it came from or how it got there but that there was an end… to this suffering.

Threats made against skin of promises delivered in the form of quarters left in private places “thank you, now be no trouble”.

The price of my silence, sin, but not mine to burden only wear on my fingertips, lips both pairs set firm and tight just the way he liked it… so maybe if I wore it out he would wear out on me?, never happened…I just couldn’t breathe as hands and pillows press into my mouth why is it so hard to just breathe?, I’ll stop moving if you let me breathe…

let me be let me be why does he like little girls?

why do I have to be so little maybe I can make less of me, just don’t eat.

I’m making sounds I can not explain and seeing pain through green eyes stained, strained, trained to see only what I was told to think.

Just dig around up in my flesh and cast your hook upon my throat, pull gently I’ll say she liked it rough like that…

When I trusted you once my flesh was yours but you wore out that welcome mat stepped all over, drop you on the front porch, dare you to call 911 if that’s how you really felt about it.

I did. I felt every bit about it…

And she raged and she raged and into the first drops of dew she raged and her rage grew…

I’m sorry too. I see you little girl and you were right, they knew…they always knew.

We’ll be together again…



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