Oh Carol…Carol, Carol, Carol

I wonder how it feels, how you feel as the walls close in…

Trapped with someone you never wanted to begin with, expecting something you never wanted with a person you are now tied to forever…I wonder what that sinking feeling is like as we get ready to face one another in court.

I wonder how it feels to always be looking over your shoulder for what she’ll find, that leash is so tight now, bet you never thought you’d be the one wearing one. I wonder how it all feels, especially when your desperation seeps through.

I know you. I know the darkness that lies there and I imagine you feel like you’re coming out of your skin. I imagine that with every argument, every sigh of frustration, every thing you have to suppress in her presence that darkness grows larger and larger.

How many times do you check in? How many “rules” are you following right now?

How long will you wear this mask before the cracks widen?

I, for one, am looking forward to my day in court and I can’t wait for my meeting this week with General Schiess, it’s going to change the entire landscape of this trial…

I know you think the Air Force stands with you…but do they?

and Carol…

Carol, Carol, Carol…when you have to give advice to your client not to stalk or harass his current ex girlfriends…well just wow.

I was wondering where your moral and ethical compass went?   Having someone beg you to force your client to stop stalking and harassing her… that is NOT a good look…what’s your liability there? culpable negligence?  well anyway, I’m looking into it, nothing to worry about for now, but can you imagine if he continues to be violent towards her or any other woman with your intimate knowledge of these things and you don’t report his criminal behavior???

and if you’re working directly for Aaron Meyer would his firm have any culpability or liability there?

Well, I’ll get back to you…

Those walls…

rapist, Tsgt Keith Alan Snyder better get used to that small, enclosed, suffocating space. I have a feeling he’s going to be spending a significant amount of just time in one.



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