It’s hard to write my thoughts and feelings now. If I make the decision to write I have to remind myself that every word is poured over and scrutinized. They are looking to distort every single word. And it’s interesting writing when you have knowledge of nefarious intentions with the content you share. I’m always fascinated by the spin they’ve tried to put on things, like for instance I was questioned about a blog I wrote back in May of 2015, before I ever met my rapist. I was asked if I wrote a particular sentence, which I did. However they chose to leave off all the sentences about CONSENT that I wrote in that same article.

  • Specifically omitted was this passage in the very beginning of that same article…

“I feel normal is whatever two CONSENTING ADULTS carve out for themselves in the confines of their relationship, whatever form that takes.


So before I go any further, let me make sure we are absolutely clear that the context of this conversation involves two consenting HUMAN BEINGS who are of LEGAL age.”

Link to original found here

It is disheartening that someone would choose to remove the “consent” part of that article…

I guess the defense removed consent to replicate what his client did.

I see his correlation now, more clever than I gave him credit for…yea, let’s go with that.

I would hate to believe that a man who has heard that rape tape with his own ears is doing little more than earning a paycheck until an inevitable conviction at this point. He’s definitely giving it his best go…throwing everything and the kitchen sink no matter how implausible his theories are…I still haven’t figured out who I’m supposed to be according to them…

ahhhh but see that’s the caveat…I am truth and therefore I can’t be contained to a narrative crafted on deflection, misdirection and deception. I am messy and complicated, flawed and human. Truth may not be what you want to see, it’s something you have to see for yourself.

Truth doesn’t wrap itself in flowers disguised as simple and easy. Truth is sometimes ugly and rotten at it’s core. Truth is usually something we seek to hide from. It’s not for the weak.

My truth…is and will always be that now demoted Staff Sergeant Keith Alan Snyder of Patrick Air Force Base is a liar, manipulator, abuser of women, spreader of disease, abhorrent and an evil, criminal, serial rapist who will not stop until he is put behind bars.

I am truth.

I am the woman who moves mountains.

Don’t believe me? just watch these mountains fall.



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