The Oscars…

I cried tonight watching the Oscars. No surprise there but it wasn’t for the reason I thought I would cry. I anticipated watching Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform Shallow like everyone else and god did they deliver. There is something about that song, that story, that chemistry that just moves my soul.

No, I cried for an entirely different reason. It was because of the Nike commercial that aired 3/4 of the way through and I lost my mind. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and spend the two minutes watching it at the end of this post…or better yet, go watch it and I’ll wait right here for you to scroll back, then we can get into it.

As a woman who has been called “crazy” I was moved to tears to see that a collective voice has risen up through the rank of executives in advertising and they felt there would be enough of a connection that they decided to risk running an ad that highlights one of the many ways men attempt to control women’s emotions by casting a negative spin on anything they see fit.

I love the POWER of reclaiming words previously used as insults or derogatory terms. You know the other “C” word that ruffles so many feathers?

I’ll say it…cunt cunt cunt….cunts all day, cuntcakes, cuntcookies, cuntwaffles, cuntbites…who fucking cares when women everywhere are being called “Crazy”?

Enough so that they made a commercial about it!!!

It brought tears of joy to my eyes…not for me, but because younger generations of girls everywhere will see that and know IMMEDIATELY when they hear it to SHUT IT DOWN!!

They will know that their voice has power and their emotions are VALID and they don’t have to tone themselves down to make ANYONE more comfortable.

…that they are HERE to BE whatever the hell they aspire to be and they can emote however the hell they want to emote and it doesn’t make them “CRAZY”

It makes them HUMAN, something those complaining about it should try sometime.

Kudos Nike. Kudos,

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