Prelude~ Astronaut, The Resurrection of CHRIST(ie)

I wanted to be something. I wanted to be known for creating art. I wanted to be a choreographer. That was the childhood dream that took hold. Before that and not for the purpose of this story, I wanted to be the first female fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. This story comes full circle, that I can promise you.

I saw the movie Flashdance, way too young and I don’t even remember how it came that I was watching it, but it changed me. I didn’t know you could dance that way. I was always enrolled in ballet or jazz or an occasional tap class, but that??  whoah!

That was something altogether different and I thought maybe I could do it.

So I just goggled what year Flashdance came out and it was 1983 so that would make me 9 and I was somehow convinced I could be a stripper…yea we won’t go down that rabbit hole today.

Anyway…the point is I grew up wanting to be known. I wanted to leave my mark here. I wanted to be someone to my kids. I wanted them to be proud of me. I never cared about anyone else’s approval and I learned early to stop seeking theirs.

So now I’m this…

and this is not too freaking bad.

You might be asking yourself…

So what are you?

I’m an astronaut my friend, an astronaut indeed.




***Disclaimer I am NOT in fact an astronaut and this is a work of fiction  🙂 ***

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