He said…

This was never a “he said, she said”.

This has always been a “he says” in his own words kind of rape confession. And probably why it is so difficult for me to understand how anyone who has heard this recording can look the other way.

I don’t feel like the video needs any explanation.

It is shamefully blatant.

This video was taken immediately after my rape during a period when my rapist frantically insisted on “talking” to me. He positioned himself in the chair closest to his front door and I did not feel safe walking inches from him to try to get out so I did what came to mind which was to hit record on my phone because if he was going to “talk” I was going to record it.

My rapist, Keith Alan Snyder of Patrick Air Force base was more concerned with the fact that I called him a liar over a rapist. In fact he repeatedly states that he heard me say NO, that he heard me screaming at him to STOP, that I was in pain, that he acknowledges it. He acknowledges that I was fighting him and that he told me to stop fighting him. He also states IN HIS OWN WORDS that NONE of what he did was OK…in fact, he states he knows it was NOT okay and does NOT dispute that he raped me, only that he “didn’t lie”

And to be honest, I don’t really care what you think of me personally…NO means NO. STOP means STOP.

Fighting him off does NOT give him permission to KEEP GOING.

There was and has NEVER been a time where anything like that EVER happened.

This isn’t a quick little 15 second clip with fuzzy context. This is eight minutes and 49 seconds of a man repeatedly acknowledging rape.

I NEVER had my day in court.

He was NEVER found NOT GUILTY.

He was NEVER adjudicated NOT GUILTY.

He was NEVER exonerated.

He walked because of prosecutorial error, PERIOD.

You cant force someone to rape you and you damn sure can’t force someone to confess to it…

So here it is, the full video confession of my rapist.

If this was your daughter, your sister, your wife, your mother, your friend, your coworker or YOU…ask yourself what it would feel like to hear your rapist confessing repeatedly and knowing there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

He may have regretted doing it, but the proof is in the recording. He did it. He raped me. He will rape again because he raped before me.

ALSO attached, his text messages in the days after my rape apologizing for hurting me and saying he “doesn’t want this to be what ends us”

He also lied to the responding officers and stated that I was his girlfriend in the original police report.





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