Christie Page is an underachieving superhero who spends her daylight hours in the medical field helping people change their lives. She is a third generation breast cancer survivor, recovering anorexic/bulimic and is on life six or seven of her nine lives. She has been homeless and sheltered, rich and poor, loved and hated and believes her experiences have lead her down a path of spiritual exploration and awakenings. Christie wishes to share her journey with others in an attempt to come to peace. She writes to clear space from the rolodex that is her muddled mind.

I am a breast cancer survivor, first diagnosis was in 2008, Sept. I have had upwards of 13 surgeries/procedures since then. I have had a bilateral mastectomy with tissue expander reconstruction, nipple reconstruction, tattooing, a complete hysterectomy Feb 2013 after having my right ovary removed 5 years earlier. I am a carving board 🙂  I have suffered with eating disorders and body image my entire life. I have been homeless. I have been a believer and a non believer. I have chosen to write about my life as a form of therapy for myself and myself alone. I’m not at all concerned with how I may come across to anyone else, this has been my journey. I am writing to clear out storage space in my mind to make room for new more pleasant memories. That is all.

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